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SYan, an acronym for Systemic area network, is a company based in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg. It brings together ITS international experts across several countries.

Our team works directly with the big four consultant companies providing responsiveness and expertise in audit and consulting on complex and heterogeneous information systems.

SYstemic area network



Methods & Quality
All services offered by SYan are based on systemic views. This known method has been prove by top professionals for several decades in all business domains (education, health, science, etc..).

The systems provide insight into complex systems and an understanding of their heterogeneous environment, inputs /outputs and objectives of the whole. Once the system is modeled by an inventory, an analysis can tell the difference between the state « As Is » condition and « To Be ». A detailed study of business-related exigency, budgets and needs for prioritizing items to achieve  a 20% change that will improve 80% of the system. SYan then proposes an approach to guidance and continuous quality improvement (Deming: Plan, Do, Check, Act) in an ISO 9001 structure.

The audit of IT sytems is based on the systems approach and solid experience. It consists of interviewing, listening, analyzing and suggesting improvements in the processes identified.

IT consulting services give assistance to the owner or management assistance prime contractor, coordinating, monitoring and acting on a project or complete program. Our view is then based on systemic approaches PMI, Deming, Pareto that frame the areas.



  • European Institutions

Assistance Owner, engineering design of infrastructure networks in a building of 200,000 square meters and Data Center associated in Luxembourg


  • Orange

Assistance Prime Contractor for Data Center projects in Brussels (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France)

  • Airbus Industries

Validation of network infrastructure factories A380 in Toulouse – France


  • Dassault Aviation

Design specifications and engineering rules for secure optical networks (Bordeaux – France)


  • La Poste

Project management assistance for the coordination of infrastructure LAN copper and fiber optic energy and cooling data centers (France)


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Bureaux SYstemic area network

12 Rue Jean Friedrich
Tel : +352 661 161 217
Email : contact@sy-an.com


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Our trade association :

Bicsi : www.bicsi.org


Our professional association organizational:

PMI : www.pmi.org


The method :

Systemic : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systems_theory



TLC Data, Datacenter and ITS consultants partner : http://www.tcldata.net/